Council of Chiefs

The Council of Chiefs (COC) is the leadership body of Section E3. All section officers and member lodge chiefs serve as voting members of the COC, and non-voting members include the section adviser and section associate advisers, section committee chairs and advisers, and lodge advisers.

COC meetings are held three times per year: twice before Conclave for event and budget planning, and once during Conclave. Anyone is welcome to attend, though COC meetings typically have very low attendance because of the content that is discussed. If you’re interested in attending, please get approval from your lodge chief and adviser first so we can have an accurate count of how many people will be there.

The first COC meeting of the year is normally held on-site wherever Conclave is to be held, and the second one is typically held at the Middle Tennessee Council Scout office in Nashville, TN. Meeting minutes are made available after each meeting adjourns—look for them so you can see how Conclave will go. We are going to plan a great year!

COC Presentation Template

Please use the following slide template if you’re presenting at a COC.

COC Members

Luke WilliamsSection ChiefPellissippi
Hannah NealSection Vice-ChiefWa-Hi-Nasa
Braydon ScottSection SecretaryNguttitehen
Thomas HumphreysLodge ChiefAhoalan Nachpikin
Bryant PerkinsLodge ChiefOfi’ Tohbi
Benjamin StokesLodge ChiefIttawamba
Peter DoaneLodge ChiefKawida
Braydon ScottLodge ChiefNguttitehen
Hadassah HallLodge ChiefPellissippi
Tristan FoxLodge ChiefSequoyah
Callie MulkeyLodge ChiefTalidandaganu’
Carson PattersonLodge ChiefWa-Hi-Nasa
Name Position Lodge

Immediate Past Section Chief
Craig Salazar Section Adviser Wa-Hi-Nasa
Anthony Johnson Associate Section Adviser Sequoyah
Anthony Kenney Associate Section Adviser Kawida
David Williams Section Staff Adviser Pellissippi
Chuck Martin Lodge Adviser Ahoalan Nachpikin
Vance Perkins Lodge Adviser Ofi’ Tohbi
Steve Argo Lodge Adviser Ittawamba
Mike Shaffer Lodge Adviser Kawida
Scott Skees Lodge Adviser Nguttitehen
Pete Lloyd Lodge Adviser Pellissippi
Randy English Lodge Adviser Sequoyah
Mark Hise Lodge Adviser Talidandaganu’
David Emery Lodge Adviser Wa-Hi-Nasa
Committee Chairman Adviser
Conclave/Service Host
Aaron Shepherd
Vance Perkins
Dan Jarvis
Pending Appt
Trading Post
Anthony Kenney
Dave Lannom
Special Events
Bucky Gay
Anthony Johnson
Pending Appt
Angelina Ward
Training Coordinator
Mark Ashburn
PMP Coordinator
Chuck Martin
Ceremonies Coordinator
Pending Appt

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