Section E3 Service Award

The Section 6 Service Award was created in 2009 to recognize outstanding service on the section level for youth and adult members. In 2022, the award was renamed the Section E3 Service Award to align with the new section designation. Nicknamed the Silver Turtle, the award consists of a turtle embossed with the totem of the section leadership suspended from a green and white ribbon. The turtle is the symbol of leadership in many Native American cultures. Recipients are also presented with a lapel pin and pocket device.

Recipients have included past Conclave committee chairmen, past section officers, distinguished committee advisers, lodge advisers, and section staff advisers. The complete list is below.


Past Recipients

2011Charlie BryantNguttitehen
2011Taylor ClarkPellissippi
2011Mikkie GoinsPellissippi
2011Mitchell SaulsburySequoyah
2011Ron TurpinWa-Hi-Nasa
2012Jim CheathamIttawamba
2012Don CombsKawida
2012Tom KlugSequoyah
2012Chris SnoddyWa-Hi-Nasa
2013David GarrettWa-Hi-Nasa
2013Carl HeadWa-Hi-Nasa
2013Ian RomaineWa-Hi-Nasa
2013Andrew SchrackAhoalan-Nachpikin
2013Aaron ShepherdKawida
2014Shawn BarnesWa-Hi-Nasa
2014Matt BrownWa-Hi-Nasa
2014Rob GuisingerWa-Hi-Nasa
2014Alan WattsKawida
2014Claudette WattsKawida
2015Hunter JonesWa-Hi-Nasa
2015Nick OliverKawida
2015Rick RobinsonChicksa
2015Scott StephensAhoalan-Nachpikin
2016Randall EnglishSequoyah
2016Anthony JohnsonSequoyah
2016Drew MulkeyChicksa
2016Craig SalazarWa-Hi-Nasa
2017Harrison D. FryNguttitehen
2017Chuck MartinAhoalan-Nachpikin
2017Doc RooneyPellissippi
2017Nathan VickKawida
2018Sid SalazarWa-Hi-Nasa
2018Zach CallicuttChicksa
2018Jeff MoserPellissippi
2018Dr. Bob CarneyIttawamba
2019Joel HuntTalidandaganu’
2019John WayneIttawamba
2019Amanda SmithTalidandaganu’
2019Ty RobinsonChicksa
2020Rio MackieChicksa
2020Jesse MullinsPellissippi
2020Mark AshburnNguttitehen
2021Ben DanielNguttitehen
2021Maverick HartSequoyah
2021David WilliamsPellissippi
2022Tristan FoxSequoyah
2022Dylan ColucciChicksa
2022Joe CravenIttawamba
2022Anthony KenneyKawida

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