ConclaveApril 22 to 24Talidandaganu’ Lodge 293Skymont Reservation
ACT ConferenceNovember 18 to 20Nguttitehen Lodge 205Pfeffer Scout Reservation
Fall COCNovember 18 to 20Nguttitehen Lodge 205Pfeffer Scout Reservation
Winter COCJanuary 28Chicksa Lodge 202Camp Yocona
ConclaveApril 21 to 23Chicksa Lodge 202Camp Yocona
ConclaveTBDKawida Lodge 480Camp McKee
ConclaveTBDPellissippi Lodge

Join us for a weekend of fun at Camp Yocona for our 2023 Conclave! We have many fun things planned for this weekend! We can’t wait to see you there!

Join us for our 2023 Winter Council of Chiefs! Here we will discuss important Conclave information as well as take a tour of Camp Yocona! All Arrowmen are welcome to attend. Contact your Lodge Key 3 for more information!

Join us for the 2022 Section Leadership Summit (SLS), encompassing content from the ACT Conference and including our Fall Council of Chiefs! At SLS, you will be able to learn how to adapt, collaborate, and thrive as a Lodge, and excel in your position. There are many important skills that you will learn and be able to take home to your Lodge. Every Arrowman is welcome to join us! Register at the link below!