Section E3 is composed of nine Order of the Arrow lodges, which together serve Kentucky, Tennessee, and parts of Mississippi and Virginia, along with a few counties from Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. This interactive map shows the various lodges within E3—click on a lodge to jump to that lodge’s section lower down on this page.

If you’re not sure which lodge you belong to, visit the Lodge Locator on the OA website to find out!

Ahoalan Nachpikin Lodge #558

Chickasaw Council, Memphis, TN

Next Conclave: 2026

Ittawamba Lodge #235

West Tennessee Area Council, Jackson, TN

Next Conclave: 2028

Kawida Lodge #480

Blue Grass Council, Lexington, KY

Next Conclave: 2033

Nguttitehen Lodge #205

Lincoln Heritage Council, Louisville, KY

Next Conclave: 2029

Ofi’ Tohbi Lodge #748

Natchez Trace Council, Tupelo, MS

Next Conclave: 2032

Pellissippi Lodge #230

Great Smoky Mountain Council, Knoxville, TN

Next Conclave: 2025

Sequoyah Lodge #184

Sequoyah Council, Johnson, TN

Next Conclave: 2030

Talidandaganu' Lodge #293

Cherokee Area Council, Chattanooga, TN

Next Conclave: 2031

Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge #111

Middle Tennessee Council, Nashville, TN

Next Conclave: 2027

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