2022 May Elogamgussit

2022 May Elogamgussit

The Elogamgusssit is back and is in full swing! Scroll down to read more about this month’s article!

An Introduction to the Section Officers

In this section of the Elogamgussit, you can read a biography from each of the 2022 – 2023 Section Officers. Each of the biographies also includes a brief explanation of the Officer’s goals this year. Click here to access this section.

Lead A Legacy

Have you ever been interested in serving on the Section level? If so, then this section of the Elogamgussit Is for you! We are looking for arrowmen who are passionate about what they do and can bring fresh ideas to the table. Click here to learn more.


The Spotlight

The Spotlight is back! This section of the Elogamgussit is designed to recognize an Arrowman or Lodge each month. There will be an alternating pattern between recognizing a Lodge and an Arrowman. Click here to learn more.

NOAC is Right Around the Corner

In this section of the Elogamgussit. we will discuss how the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is right around the corner. Please note that the pricing will increase on May 31, 2022. Click to learn more.

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Comments or suggestions? Please e-mail Section Secretary Dean Anderson at secretary@sectione3.org.

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