2022 May Elogamgussit

The May issue of the 2022 Elogamgussit is here! This issue includes an excerpt from the Section Officers, information about leading on the Section level, and information about NOAC.

OA Project Magellan

OA Project Magellan Due to the recent region restructure from OA Project Magellan, our four previous regions have been assembled into now two regions. Because of the events of OA Project Magellan, Section-6 has been restructured into SectionE3. .For more information about the change and more on OA Project Magellan visit the following: https://oa-bsa.org/magellan. More […]

What’s New With Conclave?

COVID-19 Guidelines Notify participants to review the safety checklist before boarding their transportation to Conclave. No one showing any illness symptoms should travel to Conclave. Participants should travel wearing masks when in close quarters. Upon arrival, our COVID advisory team will conduct medical screenings and temp checks prior to entry to camp. A quarantine campsite […]

2021 May Elogamgussit

Check out the brand new Elogamgussit! Read into it to take a sneak peak at our new Trading post, See the Arrowman Spotlight, a Reflection from Momentum: Discover, Information about Conclave staff, and more! If you would like to see an Article in the next issue or would like to help on the Publications team, […]

2021 April Elogamgussit

With more to come , I’d like to announce that the first 2021 issue of the Elogamgussit has been released. This includes messages from our section officers, an article about a BRAND NEW initiative: the Arrowman Spotlight, and an article about the new upcoming National OA event: Momentum: Discover Be sure to check it out, […]

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