What’s New With Conclave?

COVID-19 Guidelines

Notify participants to review the safety checklist before boarding their transportation to Conclave. No one showing any illness symptoms should travel to Conclave.

Participants should travel wearing masks when in close quarters.

Upon arrival, our COVID advisory team will conduct medical screenings and temp checks prior to entry to camp.

A quarantine campsite will be set aside to house participants who arrive in vehicles where any passengers show symptoms.

Participants will wear masks indoors for programs, while awaiting meal service, and anywhere where it is a challenge to be socially distant.

Participants should socially distance within reason during outdoor programs.

Packing List

The long awaited packing list is here! Click the button below to view the PDF document. Your lodge contingent may recommend you bring additional items.

Friday Night Dinners

When you registered for conclave, some of you may have ordered a meal for Friday evening. These delicious spreads will be prepared and available for pickup right next to registration as you arrive.

If you would like to purchase a meal, there will be some limited options available for purchase on-site. This will be on a first-come first-served basis.

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